2021 Bull Sale

2021 Annual Bull Sale

We were pleased to offer 48 bulls for sale. We are much appreciative of existing and new buyer support to sell 41 at auction and 3 post sale to average $7,488
Top price being $14,000 Lot 22 Q182 purchased by repeat buyer Marcollat Pastoral, Marcollat SA.


Stock Journal, Feb 17th, 2021 – link to full article

PRICES and interest continued to climb at the third annual on-property sale of Keringa Angus at Culburra on Saturday.

The sale topped at $14,000, with 41 of 48 bulls sold during the auction for an average $7488.

The top price was paid by repeat buyer Marcollat Pastoral, Marcollat, which also paid the top price twice last year, and generally buys at the top end of the Keringa catalogue.

Top price Keringa Liberty Q182, a July 2019-drop, had Estimated Breeding Values that included +55 for 100 day weight, +95 for 400 day weight and +133 for 600 day weight, +76 for carcase weight and +6.5 for eye muscle area.

It also had an average daily gain of 1.38 kilograms.

Elders’ Laryn Gogel, Keringa Angus’ Robert Swinton and Trent Walker and Platinum Livestock’s Adam Bradley at the Culburra sale.
(photo by Stock Journal)

The bull was sired by the $85,000 Nampara Liberty, the same bull as last year’s equal top price bull – also bought by Marcollat. Mr Walker said it also came from a very strong maternal background, with its dam – Willow Fields Mona K106 – going into his donor program this season.

“It has a very good presence and is very well-balanced,” Mr Walker said.

Marcollat Pastoral bought four bulls in total, for an average price of $10,000.

With the quality continuing throughout the catalogue, lot 46, Keringa Marlon Brando Q257, sold at $13,500 to Hillcrest Pastoral, Conkar Park.

The September 2019-drop bull included EBVs of +85 for 200 day weight, +111 for 600 day weight and +8.5 for EMA.

Across the Conkar Park and Conkar Downs properties, Hillcrest Pastoral was the sale’s volume buyer, taking home eight bulls for an average $9313.

Another two bulls sold at $12,000, with one bought by TFI Rural and the other sold through AuctionsPlus. TFI Rural bought four in total, averaging $9000.

The first to achieve $12,000 was at lot 10 – Keringa Quaterback Q17, a March 2019-drop, which had figures of +105 for 200 day weight, +137 for 600 day weight and +77CWT.

The second was September 2019-drop Keringa Nugget Q263, which had EBVs of +102 for 200 day weight and +134 for 600 day weight, as well as +77CWT, and was in the top 1 per cent for docility with a figure of +34, while also recording an average daily weight gain of 1.44kg.

Also among the volume buyers was Kangaringa Pastoral, Keith, which took home seven bulls to $8000, averaging $5214.
Platinum Livestock’s Adam Bradley said the sale had been growing quickly across its three years, with 15 new registered buyers.

“People come along, drawn to the fact that the bulls are ready to work,” he said.

“The cattle are getting better year-on-year, which is a credit to the investment put in across the past 10 years.”

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