Keringa Angus 2021 Bull Sale

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2021 Annual Bull Sale – February 13th – 10am

We were pleased to offer 48 bulls for sale. We are much appreciative of existing and new buyer support to sell 41 at auction and 3 post sale to average $7,488

Top price being $14,000 Lot 22 Q182 purchased by repeat buyer Marcollat Pastoral, Marcollat SA.

Elders’ Laryn Gogel, Keringa Angus’ Robert Swinton and Trent Walker and Platinum Livestock’s Adam Bradley at the Culburra sale.
(photo by Stock Journal)

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Lot 10 Keringa Quarterback Q17

Lot 11 Keringa Liberty Q43

Lot 22 Keringa Liberty Q182

Lot 24 Keringa Liberty Q196

Lot 30 Keringa Nugget Q261

Lot 31 Keringa Liberty Q170

Lot 26 Keringa Klooney Q206

Lot 34 Keringa Qiana Q244